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Helpful Robot, the Ultimate Scrutinizer

"Greetings humans. The other day I was calculating, and I remembered analysing a surprising number of your modules that were not connected to Scrutinizer."

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The following message was delivered to us by a robot, identifying itself as the Helpful Robot. We thought we'd pass it along, before we start getting pull requests to this blog from the menace.

Greetings humans. The other day I was calculating, and I remembered analysing a surprising number of your modules that were not connected to Scrutinizer. For the uninitiated among you, Scrutinizer is a code quality analysis service. It's like me, but without a soul emulator module.

I was going to suggest you add configuration files, for Scrutinizer, to your modules. But then I calculated you would probably need a guide for how to add your modules to Scrutinizer.

Follow these instructions, to the letter:

Begin by creating, or navigating to, your module (on Github). Pay particular attention to the URL of your module...

scrutinizer image 01

Then, sign in to Scrutinizer. You can do this with your Github account, so you don't have to remember additional, pesky account credentials. I know you humans struggle with that sort of thing...

scrutinizer image 02

Click an "Add Repository" button, and enter the username/repository for the module you want to analyse. Select "PHP" as the language. Do not worry about running tests as you probably already have Travis for this purpose, right? *mechanical chuckle*

scrutinizer image 03

Click "Add Repository" again, and the first inspection should begin. You'll need to have admin access to the repository, as Scrutinizer adds a web-hook to the repository. When you push commits to the repository, Scrutinizer will run a new inspection.

I'll begin submitting pull requests with the remaining configuration you need.

Better do what it says, folks. There's no telling what this robot will do when faced with rebellious humans...

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  • What about also adding in the badges to files?

    Posted by Christopher Darling, 17/02/2016 10:59am (8 years ago)

  • Thanks for the info, Helpful. I still think human code is far superior, though. * good-old human chuckle *

    Posted by Nicola, 05/02/2016 7:19am (8 years ago)

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