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Introducing... Cam, our new Community Manager

SilverStripe Dev Community, let me introduce myself... Hi, I'm Cam Findlay.

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by Cam Findlay

Posted 28 November 2013

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SilverStripe Dev Community, let me introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Cam Findlay. I have just joined SilverStripe Ltd as the new Community Manager. This is a new position we haven't had before so I am very much in listen, observe and understand mode for now (only 3 weeks in!). I come from a web development background having worked in various interesting companies and running my own consulting business. I'm hoping the combination of a good understanding of SilverStripe development, the open-source landscape and a focus on people will come in handy as we look to grow the SilverStripe developer community.

At a high level, I'll be looking for ways to make the SilverStripe developer community as strong as it can be. My particular take on community management being on knowledge management and learning over a marketing approach. This looks at ways we can tap into the wealth of knowledge we all carry around in our heads to share, learn and improve our SilverStripe development skills, fix bugs, improve the CMS and have some fun along the way (which seems to often include hackfest coding, pizza and beer among other things).

I'll also be looking at where I can find help and support for our community members through our usual suspect channels and look at act as an advocate for our community inside SilverStripe Ltd. Communities are great social spaces to encourage learning and sharing of knowledge. There are a lot of clever and thoughtful contributions to the SilverStripe open-source developer community and it is exciting to be a part of it.

Outside of work, I'm studying Business Information Systems part-time at Massey University here in Wellington, New Zealand. I also train in and look after an Iaidō class (Japanese swordsmanship). Does that make me an actual code ninja? Probably not…

Thank you to everyone that contributes to open-source work on SilverStripe. I look forward to seeing how we can grow the community in the near future and beyond.

If you have any ideas, feedback or good constructive criticism feel free you get in touch with me directly [email protected]


See you on IRC? :)

~ 'Community' Cam.