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It's all about the community

SilverStripe is an open source product and its success relies heavily on you, as the...

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by Kerstin Schuman

Posted 21 September 2011

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SilverStripe is an open source product and its success relies heavily on you, as the community, to build great stuff and to share your developments with other users. The company staff at SilverStripe Ltd is, apart from being a contributor, the frame holding it all together and making sure that your contributions tie into the overall architecture of the CMS and Framework.

After working with SilverStripe for almost six months now, I am still very impressed by the level of passion that many of you show for the product and by the awesome stuff you build. I’ve talked with quite a few developers and editors working with the SilverStripe CMS, and my main experience has seen a lot of excitement around the tool and the community. There is an outstanding level of support demonstrated by those in the forum. It is great to see people helping each other out, for free. I suppose it is a lot of give and take! At least in the SilverStripe world, socialism does work. And the more you spread the word, the more users we get, the better it works.

After checking the stats, it seems the community has seen a lot of growth. Since October 2006 we’ve seen 436,000 downloads, 6,000 new community members and about 73,000 posts written. Since July 2007, about 100,000 lines of PHP code have been added to the codebase. 

Backed by a strong community, we have been listed as finalists in the 2011 Packt Pub Open Source Award for the 5th year in a row, and only because your nominations got us there. Every year the winner gets elected by you and the Packt Pub jury. So this year you can still make a difference! Vote for us and help us to win the award. It only takes you a few moments to participate.

Some people who already make a difference for SilverStripe are the code contributors. So here is a list of the latest top 20 contributors. Thanks guys! There are many smart and dedicated people out there working with us on the tool. Imagine all the knowledge and experience of our entire community in just one tool.

Since I couldn’t find a database big enough to hold all of this knowledge, I asked some of the key community contributors to be guest writers for our blog. So once a week, from now on, we will introduce ‘Blogging Wednesday’. Blog posts will include interesting news around our world of CMS, Framework, PHP and SilverStripe. Share the knowledge, be social and make the SilverStripe CMS a better tool to be enjoyed by all.