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Open Source Module Lessons

A new series of lessons to guide you through creating, releasing, and open sourcing your module.

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A little while ago, I shared some of the reasons we open source so much code. Today I want to introduce something to help you open source that module you've been thinking about.

We've been working on a series of lessons to help you manage dependencies and create great open source modules. The first lesson covers dependency management, the basics of using Composer and upgrading SilverStripe site to the latest code with Composer.

The second lesson is on how to structure and release your module through Packagist. We'll look at the important files to add, and how to host everything on Github.

The final lesson, in this series, dives even deeper into what it takes to create great open source modules. We'll learn about the different kinds of tests you can write, how you should structure documentation, and even how to integrate with third-party services like Travis and Scrutinizer.

Check out these new lessons, and start creating and open sourcing your module in the new year!

Photo by Hernán Piñera

About the author
Christopher Pitt

Chris works in the bespoke team, at SilverStripe. He helps build and maintain many of the modules used in SilverStripe applications. He also teaches; speaking at local user groups and international conferences, and through technical blog posts and books.

He also enjoys building robots and connecting those to circuits inside Minecraft. When the machines take over, he hopes this will buy him some time to formulate a plan of escape.

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