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What happens at Hackathon goes beyond Hackathon

Last Saturday, around a dozen devotees of SilverStripe CMS assembled themselves at the Southern Cross...

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by Joanna McLeod

Posted 15 December 2010

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Last Saturday, around a dozen devotees of SilverStripe CMS assembled themselves at the Southern Cross Bar in Wellington. They were lured by the prospect of free drinks, perhaps, but even more so, they came in order to contribute to to the CMS.

Photos by Mandrew

The hackfest was led by Ingo Schommer (Ingo) and Will Rossiter (willr), and here are some of the things that happened on the day:

  1. Cam Findlay (camfindlay) polished and released his clicktale module .
  2. Simon Welsh (simon_w) worked to add namespace support in SS and added ability to have secure session cookies.
  3. Will continued on his way to rewrite commenting support in SilverStripe. It has now been removed from the core framework and released as a separate module. Join the discussion about comments on the dev mailing list. See also:
  4. Sean Harvey (Sean) and Will roughly merged about a dozen patches from for SS3.0. These patches came from you and the development community so if your patch was merged in a big thanks to you for contributing! New enhancements include:
  5. Ingo and Howard Grigg (Howard) trucked away at the new upcoming documentation which is looking good. Howard is continuing to work on syntax highlighting and other documentation related tasks.
  6. Jeremy Shipman ( Jedateach) discussed his new modules (soon to be released) and the work he has been doing on eCommerce support 
  7. Lots of good discussion was had by all.

Thanks so much to everyone who came along to contribute their time and hard work back to the community. We're planning to have a meetup on Wednesday February 16 next year, because we think more of you lot will be in town for Webstock, so we’ll see you then!

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