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How I was lucky enough to get a job at SilverStripe

Daniel Ralphs shares his experiences of becoming a marketing intern here at SilverStripe, and recollects the highlights of his three months with us and his journey to becoming a SilverStriper.

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Hi I’m Daniel, the marketing intern at SilverStripe and soon to be graduate of Victoria University of Wellington, where I studied marketing and psychology. I have worked at SilverStripe the last three months, and these are my experiences leading up to and becoming a SilverStriper.

Landing the internship

Only having heard of SilverStripe in early 2017, I didn’t know what to expect going into the Summer of Biz meet and greet. I knew they were a popular choice, I knew last year’s interns really enjoyed working there, and I knew (based off the job description) it seemed like an interesting place to work.

At the speed interviews I became more interested in SilverStripe. The questions asked were very focused on me as an individual. They didn’t ask whether I was a marketing god who could use every tool under the sun, but instead about my passions as well as something that would surprise them about me. This took the stress out of the interview process and led me to want to learn more about SilverStripe as a company.

I got invited for a follow-up interview at the SilverStripe office, and the nerves which I thought were gone resurfaced as I sat in the reception. But as I was sitting there, people from the office that wandered past were very friendly, checking that I was all right and was being seen to, which was a clear introduction into what made SilverStripe such an amazing company.

In the actual interview there were five staff members and me (daunting I know), but the whole experience was really fun and relaxing. We played a game, and it felt less like I was being interviewed and more like being involved in a general discussion. I later found out that this was the way most meetings and situations in SilverStripe are run, in a low pressure and open environment where there is respect for everyone. 

Daniel Ralphs in the SilverStripe office in Wellington

Becoming a SilverStriper

I began working at SilverStripe in late October and came to realise that SilverStripe is every bit as friendly, inviting and caring as all the previous interactions led me to believe. What I’ve found is that SilverStripe isn’t like a typical workplace, it’s a place to improve yourself, and do what you enjoy. Going into the Summer of Biz process, I wanted a job that would give me a variety of work and widen my skill-set, which is exactly what SilverStripe has given me. Everyday is unique and there are so many different opportunities to get involved with, and in my first month I had already found myself joining in on yoga, making dumplings and helping organise an international conference.

So far the biggest project I have been a part of is helping organise StripeCon (a SilverStripe conference focused on celebrating the open source community). The SilverStripe marketing team were in charge of the planning for StripeCon, and in the preparation of the event I was given a lot of responsibility. I was able to suggest ideas and was given autonomy and freedom. The event ended up running smoothly, and given we are all relatively new to the team, it had an excellent outcome.

Before working at SilverStripe I had never even heard of an Agile workplace, so had no idea what it entailed. After working in an Agile system for a few months, I have come to realise how beneficial it is to understand what your workmates are working on and keeping updated. For me Agile has made it easier to understand what role my team plays in the business and to integrate into the team.

What I love about SilverStripe

What I love most about SilverStripe is the atmosphere, everyone is friendly and happy to give you the time of day. SilverStripe so far has been an amazing experience, and all that I wanted in a first job. It has given me the opportunity to grow, take on challenges, and feel like an equal and valuable member of the team. Despite only being at SilverStripe for about three months, I have already had an invaluable experience.

Daniel Ralphs jumping off the wharf in Wellington

Daniel taking a backwards flip dip in Wellington harbour during lunch time 

Are you interested in becoming a SilverStriper? We are always on the hunt for talented people! So please visit our careers page and look at the job openings available.

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Daniel Ralphs

Fresh out of uni, Daniel brings knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm to the SilverStripe team.

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