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What are your biggest hosting pain points?

Revealing the biggest hosting pain points developers have

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Last month, we ran our very first survey on SilverStripe Platform. We simply wanted to know what the biggest pain points developers had with SilverStripe projects and what features of SilverStripe Platform that they found useful and would help remove those pain points.

We have looked at the results of the survey and now can share with you some interesting feedback.

“What are the biggest pain points that you experience with your SilverStripe projects?”

The biggest pain point of all was “finding and fixing bugs” with 15% of respondents selecting this option. Security and upgrading were the next biggest pain points with 13% and 12% referring to their pain points as “ensuring that your site remains secure” and “upgrading to new versions of SilverStripe”, respectively. “Agree on suitable contracts for hosting & maintenance” was the most painless - only a small 4% chose this as their pain point.

“Other” pain points (5%) included “cron jobs”, “custom dev”, “expanding the ORM”, and “spending time learning the finer details of the SilverStripe Framework”.

Features for SilverStripe Platform

We asked how helpful they thought about the three features of SilverStripe Platform: “automated smoke-testing after a deployment and roll-back if there is a failure”, “technical advice from a SilverStripe Ltd Solution Architect during a project”, and “setting up new, empty sites in a few minutes via an online form”. The rating scale was 1-5 (Unhelpful, Not very helpful, Somewhat helpful, Very helpful, and Amazing).

Of the three features, “technical advice from a Solution Architect” was found most helpful. Nearly 80% of respondents rated this feature as “Somewhat or Very helpful”. No one (0%) found this feature “Unhelpful”. We have Solution Architects based in Auckland, Wellington and London that can help with your SilverStripe Platform projects. Some of our Solution Architects are also certified by AWS for their advanced knowledge of their cloud hosting products.

The feature that appealed to most respondents was “automated smoke-testing” with 29% rating it as “Amazing”. Over half of the respondents (56%) rated “Very helpful” for this feature. And only a tiny 4% rated “Unhelpful/Not very helpful”. This feedback has helped guide our roadmap for SilverStripe Platform and we expect to release this feature in early 2016.

We want to keep making SilverStripe Platform better for you. Your feedback will continue to shape our future developments for SilverStripe Platform. Each month new features are being released, to keep up with these developments, and voice your opinion on what should come next.

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Sam Minnée

CEO of SilverStripe. Loves helping web teams be awesome, continuous delivery, software-defined infrastructure, and Lego.

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