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Can't add new DataObject with property of type 'Currency'

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31 May 2010 at 12:03pm

Edited: 31/05/2010 12:06pm

Hi guys!
I'm having a problem that I'm hoping someone here can help me with.

First the basics:
I have a dataobject of type Item. Item has 3 static properties - Name(Text), Description(HTMLText) and Price(Currency).

class Item extends DataObject{
	static $db = array(
		'Name' => 'Text',
		'Description' => 'HTMLText',
		'Price' => 'Currency'
 	static $defaults = array(
		'Name' => 'Hamburger',
		'Price' => 4.99
	static $has_one = array(
		'ItemCategories' => 'ItemCategory'
	function getCMSFields_forPopup() {
		$fields = new FieldSet();
		$fields->push( new TextField('Name'));
		$fields->push( new TextareaField('Description'));
		$fields->push( new CurrencyField('Price'));
		return $fields;

When I try to add a new Item, it errors, like this:

[User Error] Couldn't run query: INSERT INTO `Item` SET Created = NOW() Field 'Price' doesn't have a default value
POST /bbd/s/admin/cms/EditForm/field/Meals/item/2/DetailForm/field/ItemCategories/item/3/DetailForm/field/Items/AddForm?ctf[Items][start]=0&ctf[Items][per_page]=10&ctf[Items][showall]=0&ctf[Items][sort]=Created&ctf[Items][sort_dir]=DESC&ctf[Items][search]=&ctf[Items][filter]=

Line 401 in C:\****\bbd\s\sapphire\core\model\MySQLDatabase.php

392 	}
394 	function databaseError($msg, $errorLevel = E_USER_ERROR) {
395 		// try to extract and format query
396 		if(preg_match('/Couldn\'t run query: ([^\|]*)\|\s*(.*)/', $msg, $matches)) {
397 			$formatter = new SQLFormatter();
398 			$msg = "Couldn't run query: \n" . $formatter->formatPlain($matches[1]) . "\n\n" . $matches[2];
399 		}
401 		user_error($msg, $errorLevel);
402 	}
403 }
405 /**
406  * A result-set from a MySQL database.
407  * @package sapphire


    * Couldn't run query: INSERT INTO `Item` SET Created = NOW() Field 'Price' doesn't have a default value
      Line 401 of MySQLDatabase.php

When I change the Price's type from Currency to Text, I can add a new Item without problems. I can also update existing items without error, whether the type is Currency or Text.

Can I anyone give me an idea what I'm missing in all this?


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3 June 2010 at 11:24pm


What database are you using? And what code are you using to create the Item?