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Function not displaying result in my template

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Community Member, 79 Posts

11 January 2010 at 1:58pm

Hi All,

Before I get go and try to work out a work around for this issue I thought I would see if I am doing something very wrong which is causing the problem. Sorry if this is stupidly simple....

Okay, firstly I have used ModelAdmin to create a product list (this is just an online catalogue not e-commerce). I have create a page type called ProductDetails.php


 * Application Aggregator to display the list of Markets in the system

class ProductDetails extends Page {

class ProductDetails_Controller extends Page_Controller {
	public static $allowed_actions = array (
	function ProductDetails() {
		$where = Convert::raw2SQL(Director::urlParam('ID')); 
		$whereStatement = "ID = '". $where ."'"; 

		return DataObject::get("Product", $whereStatement);
	function ImageExists() {
		// Check that the image file exists for this page 
		// in the specified path 
		$filename = 'assets/Uploads/products/product-$ItemId-1.png';
		if(Director::fileExists($filename) == true) {
			return true;
			return false;

So the ImageExists() function should check if the particular image is on the file system and if it is it should display the image using an if statement in the template

<% if ImageExists %><img src="assets/Uploads/products/product-$ItemId-1.png" alt="$Title" /><% end_if %>

Now the problem is that this needs to exist inside the <% control ProductDetails %> object. Everytime I test this nothing work. I have even tried just returning a string and outputting that directly within this controller. If I put the <% if ImageExists %> outside the Product Details controller then it shows up fine...

Below is my full template. If you have any suggestions of what I should be trying I would be truly grateful. It has had me puzzled for the last couple of days.

Kind Regards,

		<div id="feature-container">
			<% include SearchFormHTML %>
			<div id="feature-banner">
				<img src="/$themeDir/images/feature-image-1.jpg" alt="Feature Image" />
		<% include BreadCrumb %>	
		<% include LeftNavigationProducts %>
		<div id="right-container" class="typography">
			<% if ProductDetails %>
				<% control ProductDetails %>
					<div id="ProductDetails">
						<h3>Product Information</h3>
						<h4>Item Name: <span class="normal">$ItemName</span></h4>
						<h4>Item ID: <span class="normal">$ItemId</span></h4>
						<div class="product-indent">$Description</div>
						<ul class="product-ul-indent benefits">
						<ul class="product-ul-indent features">
						<ul class="product-ul-indent specifications">
							<% if PackageSize %><li><strong>Package Size:</strong> $PackageSize</li><% end_if %>
							<% if PackagingGroupId %><li><strong>Packaging Group ID:</strong> $PackagingGroupId</li><% end_if %>
							<% if PurchaseModel %><li><strong>Purchase Model:</strong> $PurchaseModel</li><% end_if %>
							<% if RecId %><li><strong>Rec Id:</strong> $RecId</li><% end_if %>
							<% if ReqGroupId %><li><strong>ReqGroupId:</strong> $ReqGroupId</li><% end_if %>
							<% if Markets %><li><strong>Markets:</strong> $Markets</li><% end_if %>
							<% if Applications %><li><strong>Applications:</strong> $Applications</li><% end_if %>
							<% if Acronyms %><li><strong>Acronyms:</strong> $Acronyms</li><% end_if %>
							<% if Oem %><li><strong>Vendor:</strong> $Oem</li><% end_if %>
							<% if Division %><li><strong>Division:</strong> $Division</li><% end_if %>
						<p class="product-cost"><% if DisplayPriceOnWeb == Yes %><span class="product-cost-label">COST</span> $$Price Inc GST<% end_if %><a href="/" class="enquire-now"></a></p>
					<div id="ProductExtras">
						This is where I want to check if the image exists on the file system and if it doesn't show a default image
						 <% if ImageExists %>
						 	<!-- SHOW ACTUAL IMAGE -->
							<img src="/assets/Uploads/products/product-$ItemId-1.jpg" alt="$ItemName" />
						<% else %>
							<!-- SHOW DEFAULT IMAGE -->
							<img src="/assets/Uploads/products/default.jpg" alt="$ItemName" />
						<% end_if %>
						<img src="/assets/Uploads/products/product-$ItemId-2.jpg" alt="$ItemName" />
						<img src="/assets/Uploads/products/product-$ItemId-3.jpg" alt="$ItemName" />
						<img src="/assets/Uploads/products/product-$ItemId-4.jpg" alt="$ItemName" />
						<img src="/assets/Uploads/products/product-$ItemId-5.jpg" alt="$ItemName" />
						<p>Roll over thumbnails for larger image.</p>
				<% end_control %>
			<% else %>
				<p class="TryOurSearch"><strong>Sorry there are no products in this category.</strong><br/><br/>Why don't you try our search function to help find what you are looking for.</p>
			<% end_if %>


Forum Moderator, 5523 Posts

11 January 2010 at 3:18pm

Its because as soon as you go into that <% control ProductDetails %> the scope the the template changes to the 'Product' object. To call that ImageExists method you either need to move it from the ProductDetails_Controller to the Product class or you could try doing <% if Top.ImageExists %> in the control - the Top goes back up to the top most level.


Community Member, 79 Posts

11 January 2010 at 3:30pm

Thanks Willr,

I'll give those two things and try and update the post once tested.